Director Of The Speech

The professionals handle professional issues.

Our purpose in handling cases at WU, FENG & ZHANG is to advance equity and justice. Protecting intellectual property right (IPR) is the driving force behind technological development, and IPR can determine the future and destiny of a country and of an enterprise. The strategy of IPR development is a cause that we strive to uphold and deeply cultivate.

We adhere to the principle of "the professionals handle professional issues ". As an enterprise with a diversity of inter-disciplinary talents, we strive for scientific and refined division for different disciplines. We only focus on doing our best in the field and do not require everyone to be capable in every discipline. We will provide sufficient space and time for you to maximize your expertise and specialty.  It is our believe that if you could repeat simple matters, you are a connoisseur; if you dedicate yourself to repetitive matters, you are a specialist. We have set up a team of professionals from various fields with the purpose of building different types of teams for different cases, striving for maximum success and the best service quality with the greatest joint effort.

Learning, especially continuous learning, is the constant principle of our profession. Without continuous learning, we cannot master the cutting-edge technological knowledge and keep up with the times. Only by learning till old can you sail with the wind and live a vibrant and evergreen world.

It is not our wish to turn WU, FENG & ZHANG into a super huge firm with a large number of employees and a wide range of fields.  Instead, we only want to turn ourselves into a particularly high-quality law firm, a professional intellectual property law firm that no one can readily replace in the fields of biology, medication, and chemical engineering.

We welcome aspirational, talented, and enterprising talents to join us. Let's work together to strive for our ideals and to realize the value of our lives.