• Patent affairs
    Patent search, drafting and prosecution, patent approval, patent reexamination, patent invalidation, patent licensing and assignment
  • Legal action
    Evidence investigation, evidence preservation Made by litigation, such as patentright, trademark right, copyrightTort litigation, patent, trademark.copyright, trade secrets
  • Due diligence, legal advice and opinion
    prior art search, free-to-operate search, analysis of validity of rights, infringement analysis, analysis of essential standard patents, establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures, contracts and laws for corporate partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, consultation on drug and device registration applications
  • Trademark affairs
    Trademark retrieval, application, renewal, trademark objection, cancellation, trademark licensing, assignment, request for re-examination
  • Copyright affairs, IPR customs protection, IC layout design protection
    Copyright registration, computer software registration, customs protection of intellectual property rights for the record and application for protection measures, application and protection of integrated circuit layout design registration
  • Public service law
    pro bono legal services Pro bono legal services for citizens, legal persons and other organizations