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Feature Story on BTV: Promoting the constructive strategy for intellectual property rights (IPR) development


Innovation is the first driving force for sustainable development, and the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) is equivalent to the protection of innovation. Nowadays, China is advancing coordinately the improvement of legislation, strict law enforcement, judicial justice and law-abiding for all people in the field of intellectual property, and is promoting the authorization, grating, practicing and maintenance of rights in accordance with the law in the field of intellectual property throughout the whole system.

Wu, Feng & Zhang is specialized in the fields of biology, pharmacy, chemistry, chemical engineering, etc. Since the day when Wu, Feng & Zhang founded, we have been providing a broad range of IPR legal services to domestic and foreign clients under the principle of “professionals handling professional issues, and advancing equity and justice”. At present, Wu, Feng & Zhang is a leading law firm which provides intellectual property services in the fields of life sciences and chemistry. The President of Wu, Feng & Zhang, Amy Feng, is currently the Chair of the Pharma Committee of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI, CN), and serves as the Global Co-Chair of the Pharma Committee of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. 

It is known that the core lawyers and patent attorneys of Wu, Feng & Zhang, Amy Feng have been practicing for more than 15 years, and they all have master's or doctoral degrees in Science or Engineering, who are proficient in law as well as in multilingual tasking, such as English, German and Japanese. The lawyers and patent attorneys concentrate on the technical and legal affairs, while other management and auxiliary tasks are handled by a specialized team. Most of the employees in each position are highly educated talents from prestigious universities.

The President, Amy Feng, said that “the core lawyers and patent attorneys in our firm were brought up by myself, and they are now passing on their experience to the new generation of lawyers and patent attorneys. This is how our practicing experience and work style are passed on to the new generation. The young people in the firm are progressing with an incredible speed, and we are dedicated ourselves together to the construction of the firm with a shared sense of belonging to the ‘Family of Wu, Feng & Zhang’.”

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As China is accelerating the development of innovation, the innovation environment is obviously improved, and innovation achievements are constantly appearing, which not only put forward fresh and higher requirements for the improvement and implementation of the intellectual property legal system, but also put forward higher professional ability requirements for practitioners in the intellectual property profession, whereby talents with proficiency in technical and legal knowledge are needed as fresh blood to the business.

The President Amy Feng said that “as a patent attorney, I must update myself not only with cutting-edge technology, but also with new developments in the law. The law is constantly changing, and only by dealing with cases on the front line can I improve my ability of handling cases, so as to cultivate an excellent team. Only when you are proficient enough in business, can you handle the case with every effort and win the trust of your clients. The work of IP lawyers is also an art, an organic combination of expertise, law and experience, and all of the three aspects are indispensable.”

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It has been the unchanging tenet of Wu, Feng & Zhang to do a reliable job on every case, to pay attention to every detail of cases, and to have a professional team for every case. With the dedication of lawyers from Wu, Feng & Zhang, we have helped many domestic and foreign companies to obtain patent rights and maintain the validity thereof in China, and also have helped many Chinese enterprises to obtain a substantial number of patents overseas.

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The President of Wu, Feng & Zhang, Amy Feng, said that “if you could repeat simple matters, you are a connoisseur; if you dedicate yourself to repetitive matters, you are a specialist Both major issues and subtlety need to be treated carefully. As an old saying goes, ‘reviewing the past and learning new things’, you can find something different in the same matters, and this is the way how you grow”. 

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Professional matters require more professional strength. Cases related to intellectual property are different from general cases, they are quite demanding in strong professionalization, which in turn provides confidence and guarantee for the protection of intellectual property.

Amy FENG, President of WU, FENG & ZHANG, said, "Due to the majority of our foreign clients, their impression on us may also have an influence on their impression on Chinese people and Chinese lawyers. Our behavior may represent Chinese lawyers, thus during our communication with foreign clients, we pay special attention to our appearance and behavior.

Currently, the constructive strategy for intellectual property rights (IPR) development has been elevated to a new level. The REPORT ON THE WORK OF THE GOVERNMENT pointed out the main expected goals and work priorities for the development of this year include: "Science and technology policies shall focus on self-reliance and self-improvement", "highlight the dominant position of science and technology innovation in the enterprise", "expedite the development of a modern industrial system", and "advance breakthroughs in the seed industry and key agricultural technologies".

Amy FENG, the President of WU, FENG & ZHANG, emphasized that "improving IPR protection" has been put forward as the focus in the institutional reform plan of the State Council, and IPR protection has gained increasing attention. I also hope that more people can join the team of practitioners for IPR. With strong support, the IPR protection in China will continue to thrive.

This program was broadcasted on Beijing Finance and Economics Channel on April 30, 2023. The content of this article is a compiled version of the original demo for reference. The version broadcasted by the television station shall prevail.

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