Senior Translator


We are now looking for senior translators. You will be employed as a translator for translating documents and an assistant translator at oral hearing for our team of layers and patent attorneys. 




l  Master’s degree in English; Bachelor’s degree in English from a domestic university, and a Master’s degree in English (at least two years of study).

l  Major requirements: English major (translation, interpreting)

l  Certificates: TEM 8; Catti II;

l  Contract period for 3 years, including probation in Beijing for 6 months. Upon formal employment, the optional office locations include Beijing and Hangzhou.

l  Being honest and polite, respecting traditional culture, being filial to parents, being physically and mentally healthy, not having been disciplined and poorly evaluated by the original work unit, not being introverted, having dedication and team spirit, being dedicated to growing and learning, not being overly ambitious, not being selfish, and being generous.

l  Applicants need to start by assisting patent attorneys with the patent prosecution, be familiar with the relevant contents of legal practice, and pass the internal assessment after 9 months before becoming a formal translator.


Please send your CV per email to: