Amy FENG, M.Sc., L.L.M.
  • Office : Beijing
  • Working language: Chinese, English
  • Post service: President, Managing Partner, Founding Partner, Attorney-at-law, Patent attorney, Trademark attorney
  • Email :
  • Business areas : Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Organic chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, and medical device

Managing partner and Founding partner of Wu, Feng & Zhang, and standing committee member of Biotech/Pharmaceutical Committee of AIPPI (formerly co-chair).

Professional experience

Ms. Amy Feng has been working as an IP practitioner for 28 years. Ms. Feng started her career with Liu, Shen & Associates, and had been an equity partner supervising the pharmaceuticals, biotech and chemical Department of Liu, Shen & Associates before co-founding the law firm of Wu, Feng & Zhang in 2014.  Ms. Feng has been the managing partner of the law firm of Wu, Feng & Zhang since 2017.

Ms. Feng has been representing the multinational companies for many influential pharmaceutical and biotech cases, including but not limited to: EliquisÒ (Apixaban), XeljanzÒ (Tofacitinib), JardianceÒ (Empagliflozin), OfevÒ (Nintedanib), TrjentaÒ (Linagliptin), GiotrifÒ (Afatinib), PradaxaÒ (Dabigatran etexilate), NesinaÒ (Alogliptin), RenvelaÒ (Sevelamer carbonate), XenletaÒ (Lefamulin), LatudaÒ (Lurasidone), MabTheraÒ (Rituximab), HerceptinÒ (Trastuzumab), and PerjetaÒ (Pertuzumab). 

Ms. Feng was a co-chair of the Biotech and Pharma committee of the AIPPI during the period of 2014 to 2020 and then a standing committee member of the Biotech and Pharma committee of the AIPPI during the period of 2021 to 2023.  Ms. Feng has been recognized in the international intellectual property community as one of the World’s leading Patent Practitioners and leading attorney by IAM for many consecutive years.   



l   Ms. Feng has frequently lectured in US and European multinational chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies concerning patent prosecution, invalidation and litigation in China. 

l   She has also published many articles concerning patent practice in China:

l   “Why Test Data Is Crucial”, 2007, China IP Focus China 2007, Managing Intellectual Property;

l   “The Importance of Parameter Selection for Polymorphs”, 2008, Managing Intellectual Property;

l   “Take Local Practice into Account”, 2008, Managing Intellectual Property;

l   “Patents and genetic resources explained”, 2009, Managing Intellectual Property; and

l   “Patent Protection for Second Medical Uses”, China Chapter, 2016, AIPPI.

Work experience

Her work highlights includes but not limited to:


?  Represented Novozymes in the patent invalidation, patent administrative litigation and patent infringement cases concerning its T-AMG Chinese patent.  The Supreme People’s Court reheard the patent validity case, vacated the Judgements made by the first-instance court and second-instance court, and affirmed the validity of the patent.  The patent rehearing case was selected as one of the top 10 IP cases in China in 2017.  On the patent infringement side, the Tianjin High Court and Tianjin No. 2 Intermediate Court decided in favor of Novozymes, and granted permanent injunctions against two domestic Chinese companies, and Beijing IP Court also decided in favor of Novozymes against a third Chinese company with the record-setting damage of CNY22 million.

?  Represented Bristol Myers Squibb in the Eliquisò (Apixaban) compound patent case in both invalidation and court proceedings.  The Beijing High Court ruled in favor of the Bristol Myers Squibb, and vacated the invalidation decision made by the PRB and the 1st-instance court.

?  Represented Boehringer Ingelheim in the Trajentaò (Linagliptin) compound patent cases (two patents, parent and divisional) in the invalidation proceedings in the 4 rounds of validity challenges and successfully defended the validity of the two compound patents.  The Petitioners did not appeal the 8 invalidation decisions. Based on the positive outcomes of the patent validity cases, the CNIPA made the first major administrative adjudication against the generic drug companies and the National Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA) instructed provincial HSAs to take down the linagliptin listing from their bidding platforms.

?  Represented Takeda in the series of Nesinaò (Alogliptin) patent invalidation cases including compound patents and formulation patents against different challenges, and successfully defended the validity of all the patents. Based on the positive outcomes of the patent validity cases, the courts and patent administrative authorities in various provinces decided in favor of Takeda, granted permanent injunctions, and the generic Alogliptin listings were taken down from their bidding platforms.

?  Represented Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. and Nabriva Therapeutics Ireland in the Xenletaò (Lefamulin) compound patent invalidation case, and successfully forced the invalidation Petitioner to withdraw the invalidation request after the filing of the response to the invalidation request. Leading Attorney: Ms. Amy Feng, Supporting Attorney: Mr. Jie Guo.

Education background

l   Ms. Feng was graduated from Dalian University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and a master degree in fine chemicals.  

l   In 2003, she obtained a master degree in civil and commercial law from China University of Political Science and Law, and  in 2004, she obtained a L.L.M from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, U.S.A..