Valen Luo, Dr. rer. nat.
  • Office : Hangzhou
  • Working language: Chinese, English
  • Post service: Master and Ph.D. of Technical University of Munich, Patent attorney
  • Email :
  • Business areas : Pharmaceutical, Materials and Catalysis, Patent prosecution, reexamination, invalidation

Professional experience

l   Pharmaceutical, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials and Catalysis

l   Patent prosecution, reexamination, invalidation

Work experience

l   2019 to present, Wu, Feng & Zhang, Patent Attorney

l   2013, BASF SE, Ludwighafen, Germany, Intern

Education background

l   Technische Universit?t München, Germany, DR.RER.NAT. (Doctor of Nature Science), 2019

l   Technische Universit?t München, Ludwig-Maximilians Universit?t München & Uni. Augsburg, Germany, Joint Master Program of Elitenetzwerk Bayern, M.Sc. in Advanced Materials Science, 2014

l   South China University of Technology, China, BS in Polymer Science and Engineering, 2012


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