Patent Attorneys for foreign applications



l  Doctoral or Master’s degree in science or engineering with a Bachelor’s degree in science or engineering;

l  Doctoral or Master’s degree in biology, pharmacy, medicine, chemical engineering (preferably organic chemistry or polymer materials), mechanical engineering or electrical engineering;

l  English proficiency: CET6 (with a score not less than 490); no difficulty in reading and writing in English; ability to work in English (poor speaking skills are acceptable, but reading and writing skills must be competent)

l  Probation in Beijing for 6 months (those with excellent performance can become a formal staff earlier, but the minimum probationary period is 4 months). Upon formal employment, the optional office locations include Beijing and Hangzhou.

l  Applicants need to be no more than 33 years old, of integrity, polite, grateful, respectful of traditional culture, filial to parents, physically and mentally healthy, not disciplined or poorly evaluated by former employer(s), open-minded, dedicated and team-oriented, willing to dedicate to growing and learning, and not overly ambitious.


Those with a Patent Attorney’s License and/or Lawyer’s License will be welcomed.


Position Benefits:

l  Extra allowance for living expenses (monthly)

l  A five-day work schedule with a one-hour flexible arrival time in the morning.

l  Five types of social insurances and housing fund, supplementary medical insurance, holiday benefits, paid annual leave, flexible working hours, two-day breaks, and annual bonus


Please send your CV per email to: