Civil and Commercial Practicing Lawyer


We are looking for civil and commercial practicing lawyers from society, and we would like to invite talented people of related professions to join us.




l  Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from the university, major in law;

l  CET 4 or above;

l  No adverse professional record;

l  Preference will be given to those who can be independent lawyers; those who have their own small team to manage; and those who have a Lawyer’s License in Beijing;

l  Acknowledging our shared values and culture and adhering to our rules and regulations;

l  Being honorable, outgoing, articulate, honest, selfless and dedicated;

l  Respect for traditional culture, filial piety to parents, respect for others, being knowledgeable and reasonable, and not obsessively xenocentric.


We have special policies to support civil and commercial business.



You can choose to work in Beijing or Hangzhou, or you can choose to work as an independent lawyer.


Please send your CV per email to: